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Connecting Hearts
We will aim to achieve a society in which everyone can live spiritually enriched lives by creating new value, using it and refining it with our customers. In this way, we will be "a Group that is co-creating value for individuals, communities, and people's lifestyles."
And placing importance on the bonds with each and every customer, as their partner we will share joy with them over their lives, and create eternal trust.

Daiwa House Businesses

Single-Family Houses

In 1959, Daiwa House Industry developed the Midget House, said to be the origin of the prefabricated house, and gave it to the world.

Thereafter, it entered the housing business in earnest and has since provided more than 550,000 houses to its customers. In 2001 we added wooden houses to our line-up and are responding to diverse customer requirements.

Currently, based on the keywords of "safety, security, and trust" we are striving to enhance the basic performance and quality required of housing. In addition, we are continuing to develop and provide houses fitted with the latest equipment to meet the needs of the times. Such needs include houses that have Exterior Thermal Ventilation Wall, houses that consider security, houses that are earthquake resistant, earthquake absorbing and vibration damping.

Moreover, we in Daiwa House Industry are implementing our long-term guarantee system that provides extensive support after houses are constructed and handed over. In this way, we are providing long-term support so that our customers can continue to live in comfort for many years. We also support them in renovations.

*"Midget House" prefabricated room unit


Rental Housing

We are developing the rental housing "D-room". Using its experience in providing a cumulative total of around 880,000 rental housing units, it is developing products that anticipate the needs of tenants In addition, based on land assessments and developments in rental housing in neighboring areas, it is creating careful management plans and proposing them to landowners along with financial planning.

In addition, upholding the concept of "after construction is when we really are your partner," after we hand over products we conduct periodic diagnosis of buildings, of course, but also in terms of management we have experts on hand to offer inheritance and tax consulting services, management of websites for tenant advertising, and an agency service provided by the Daiwa House Group. We offer our total support system "DAPS" for customers who have become owners of rental properties and provide them with long-term and comprehensive support for stable management.

Moreover, as an owners' association for exchanging information, we organize events such as owner meetings all over Japan so that they can run their rental business with peace of mind.


Commercial Facilities

Land owners who are thinking of effectively operating real estate as a tax measure or to ensure profitability, and companies looking for places to set up new business bases: joining both these needs is Daiwa House Industry's system for efficient land use, the "Daiwa House LOC (Land-Owner-Company) System."

This LOC System utilizes our information networks all over Japan on lands and stores. It is a system that lets us propose appropriate business plans based on our abundant know-how and careful surveys. At the same time, it allows us to take complete control of all processes from building design to construction.

In this way, landowners and companies can run stable businesses for a long time together and we have used it in over 30,000 projects.

It is also greatly contributing to building new communities and revitalizing areas.


Construction Business

In the construction business, with our system construction which we have cultivated by aiming to achieve Daiwa House Industry's management philosophy of the "industrialization of construction, " we are providing high-quality construction that is also low-cost and quick.

Further, by also using the know-how we have accumulated in the construction of medical/nursing care facilities, the creation of distribution systems and food manufacturing facilities, and the effective use of real estate, we have evolved so that not merely being building contractors we are also involved in the business consulting and engineering fields.



The Company is carrying out operations while aiming to provide condominiums with higher asset value and higher added value for society and consumers. Since its foundation, it has provided as many as 85,321* condominiums to customers all over Japan.

At Daiwa House Industry, we are developing the condominiums, "Premist," all over the country to customers seeking high-quality living so that we can respond to the varied lifestyles of people living in condominiums. While utilizing our expertise as a house manufacturer, we are seeking high value in a total integrated system from planning to after sales care. Standard performance is essential if a building is to last a long time, of course. But we also provide condominiums with ensured quality, comfort and asset value, born of our own unique criteria for comfort and safety, management systems and after-sales service.

In addition, we are developing "the D's Bridge condominium asset valuation system", and thus helping our customers to maintain and pass on asset value.

* Total units developed as of October 2014. Also includes properties other than those in the Premist series.


Environment and Energy Business

We are promoting a comprehensive proposal for the energy challenges faced by our customers. It centers on energy-saving measures such as LED lighting and high-efficiency lighting, air conditioning and insulation improvement; energy generation measures like solar power generation systems and megasolar systems; and energy storage measures such as lithium-ion batteries.

Making use of energy saving, energy generation, and energy storage techniques along with construction technology, our company's strength, we are developing business to meet the needs of our customers.


Overseas Business

Ahead of today's global era, we started operating business in China in 1972 when there was a restoration of diplomatic relations between Japan and China.

We started full-scale activities in the 1980s by establishing local subsidiaries and joint venture companies. In addition to constructing, operating and managing rental housing for expatriates, we have collaborated with local real estate development companies, and been carrying out business activities, such as operating, managing and outsourcing hotels, rooted in local areas for over 30 years.

Further, today we are starting new businesses in Asian countries, Australia and the U.S. and also investigating the possibilities of new businesses in other countries. We are preparing to develop a number of businesses, including: real estate agency and brokerage services for leasing of buildings, trading of buildings, buying, selling, and like-kind exchange of buildings; real estate agency and brokerage services for leasing, buying, and selling of land; appraisal of buildings or land; and leasing of land. We are also gearing up to provide information relating to housing loans, and to the leasing, trading, buying, and selling of buildings or land. Additionally, we will commence management of buildings and real estate management.


*Actual results are as of the end of March 2011.