Company Profile

Corporate History


  • "Daiwa House Industry Co., Ltd." was established(5th April).
  • "Pipe House"the first product carved out the business,was put on sale.[→details]

Pipe House


  • Constructed storehouse of Tamon Shuzou Nishinomiya Factory.
    Obtained the qualification authentication from Japan Lightweight Iron Construction Association,to firstly initiate the road on the way to really use steel pipe structure to buildings in Japan.


  • Developed Mobile Class Room as a method to resolve the lack of class room because of baby booming after the War.
  • Developed "Midget House"a former of prefabricated house,as a class room that could be built within just 3 hours,it was a hit greatly.[→details]
    *"Midget House" prefabricated room unit

Midget House


  • As a first private developer in Japan--"Daiwa Housing Development Corporation" was set up.
  • Listed on Osaka Stock Exchange 1st Department.And then listed on Tokyo and Nagoya.
    Promoted large-scale steel pipe structure buildings.Constructed factory, office, storehouse, gymnasium etc.


  • "Daiwa Lodge" was put on sale.
    Applied for office, storehouse and mobile class room.
    Panel style prefab house--"Daiwa House A Type" was put on sale.
  • Approval registration as a first object house to finance from House Finance Public Treasury.
  • Developed "Habikino New City."
    The first house loan together with "House Service Plan(developed together with Sumitomo Bank)" was put on sale.[→details]
  • As a developer in the area of large-scale space building,developed structural method of "Steel Pipe Shell" that is suitable for production of factory,to commercialize "Shell with Single Roof" and "Prefab Shell."
  • "Daiwa House A Type" as institutional condominium,firstly started to be constructed in Senli New Town .

Daiwa House A Type


  • In order to meet expanding requirement on house market,2-storey prefab house etc.
    was put on sale.
  • Developed "Overpass for Traffic Safety".[→details]


  • Established the first prefab house special factory(Nara Factory)in Japan.

Nara Factory


  • Developing house exhibition all over the country.
  • Developed Daiwa Entaroriy (grains storehouse).
    Swept over grains storehouse market in earlier stage of 40s of Showa year.


  • Developing city development business really.