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Fostering Talent for the Future


A new type of facility for people of all ages, young and old, to gather and learn together.

The Concept: Mori no Kaisho

A place for people to gather and talk across generational lines to create value together.

Creating Dreams, Building Hearts

“Creating Dreams, Building Hearts” is a fundamental approach of the Daiwa House Group. It sets a guidepost for how we can be responsive to society and work with people to create new value. The MIRAI KACHI KYOSO Center encourages activities for learning and growing together.

Encounter a New Part of Yourself at Kotokurie

Learning Together, Growing Together. Plus, Creating New Value Together.

The Daiwa House Group is based on the business philosophy of our founder, Nobuo Ishibashi: “Don’t do things because they will make a profit, but because they will be of service to society.” That is why the Daiwa House Group has pursued projects since its founding aimed at working through community and societal issues. The center allows us to share this way of thinking and work with people to co-create value for the future by fostering special talent.

About the Building

BIM*1 was used throughout the building process, from planning to execution design and from production and construction to building maintenance.
Also, working toward the SDGs, three international certifications*2 and two domestic certifications*3 have either been obtained.

  • *1: Building Information Modeling: a system for using computer-simulated 3D data during the processes of design, construction, and maintenance
  • *3: BELS, JHEP

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About the Building

Transportation Map